Appendix F: Distance Education Program Being Planned

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SUBMIT DATE:11/5/2010 
Constituent Institution:Winston-Salem State University 
CIP Discipline Specialty Title:Psychology 
CIP Discipline Specialty Number:420101  
Exact Title of the Proposed Program:Bachelor of Arts in Psychology 
Exact Degree Abbreviation:B.A. 
Date of Initiation:08/1/2012 
Will this sequence of courses be completely individual access (e.g., Internet, videocassette)? YES 
If "yes," what will be the mode of delivery?online 
If "no," list proposed sites. 
If short-based, length of time to complete the prog (e.g., 1 year, 18 mos.):not applicable 

SACS/COC substantive change questions (1=Procedure One; 2=Procedure Two)

Site-based (where the instructor is present):

Is the institution initiating instruction where the student may earn more than 25% and less than 50% of credits toward a degree at a site 30 miles or more from the campus? (2) NO 
Is the institution initiating an (additional) off-campus site at which students may earn at least 50% of an educational program? (1) NO 
Is the institution adding significantly different degree programs at a currently approved site? (2) NO 
Distance learning (where instructor and student are geographically separated):
Is the institution offering its first credit courses via technology-based instruction by which students can obtain at least 25% of credits toward a degree program? (2) NO 
Is the institution expanding a previously reported program from less than 50% of credits to 50% or more of a degree program? (2) NO 
Is the institution adding a significantly different program from previously reported programs offered via technology-based instruction? (2) YES 
Does this action constitute a substantive change? If so, by what date should SACS be notified? 11/30/2010 
1. Briefly describe the proposed program and intended audience.

The proposed program will offer all courses needed for a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. The program includes 22 hours of required courses in psychology, another six hours selected from each of three different areas within the discipline, and two other psychology electives, for a total of 46 hours in the major. The target audience is students in the University of North Carolina system whose work, familial and physical restraints, as well as others displaced from the work force require a college degree for upward mobility within their professional career. The aforementioned commitments may make it difficult for these students to attend site-based classes. The program will also provide students who have completed their associate degrees from a community college the ability to complete their Bachelor’s degree program online. It will also provide adult learners in North Carolina who have some degree credits to complete a degree online

2. Describe the proposed instructional delivery systems (e.g., on-site instruction by faculty, interactive video, Internet, etc.).

1. The university’s learning management system (such as: Blackboard) will be used for instructional delivery. Within that system audio and video capabilities will be used, along with discussion boards, blogs, and other means of electronic communication.

3. Describe need for the program (referencing results of surveys or special studies).

More than a million undergraduates take at least one psychology class every year in the U.S., and approximately 88,000 students graduate from U.S. colleges or universities with baccalaureate degrees in psychology each year. Psychology is one of the fastest-growing fields in the U.S.  It is also one of the most popular majors at colleges and universities across the nation.  The exceptional growth of the field reflects the increasing relevance of psychological knowledge for solving everyday problems in a wide variety of domains. With so many undergraduate students being exposed to psychology, faculty and administrators have a responsibility to create psychologically literate citizens who have the skills, knowledge, and values necessary to succeed in today’s world. Psychology also supports the general education requirements of many other majors where two to three courses are taken in the program (Nursing, Education, Rehabilitation Studies, and Therapeutic Recreation). The addition of more online courses will add to the course offerings and options for students in these majors.

The program is still maturing such that it is continually is growing with more than 350 majors. Psychology is one of the largest majors on campus. Providing students, who are unable to come to campus for courses the ability to major in psychology as distance learners, will be an asset not only to the growth of the University, but the Piedmont Triad as well. Other schools in the Piedmont Triad offering at least an undergraduate degree in psychology are as follows: Bennett College, UNC-Greensboro, North Carolina A&T, and High Point University. To our knowledge, these programs currently do not offer a psychology degree online. The proposed program will also provide students who wish to complete their degree in the Bachelor of Interdisciplinary Studies (Psychology) concentration with additional courses. To date, Winston-Salem State University as a whole boasts over 800 distance learners. Fayetteville State University is also offering a Bachelor of Science in Psychology.

4. Projected total annual enrollment:
Year 1:20 
Year 2:25 
Year 3:30 
Year 4:40 
Year 5:50 
his intent to plan a new distance education degree program (or program site) has been reviewed and approved by the appropriate campus committees and authorities.
Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Contact Name:Dr Tiffany Baffour 
Contact Title:Department Chair, Behaviorla Sciences & Social Work