Certification Notification

Although new degree and distance education programs must be authorized by the Board of Governors, authorization is not required for sequences of degree-credit courses that do not constitute a full degree program, such as certificate and licensure programs.  Electronic notification of their establishment is required, however, so that inventory of these offerings can be maintained and UNC-GA can fulfill federal reporting requirements.

The Process for Notification of a Certificate or Licensure Program

  1. Submit electronic notification for the program.  Contact your campus Office of Institutional Research for the unit ID and password and work with the office to submit the following:
  • CIP code (available from Institutional Research)
  • Program title and description
  • Required credit hours
  • Program type and level
  • Specialty code (Note: This is required for teaching licensure programs, and you should consult your campus teacher licensure officer to obtain the correct specialty code.)
  • Date of initiation
  • Mode of delivery
  • Site (indicate “Internet” if program is online)
  • County (indicate “Statewide” if program is online)
  • Whether program is on-campus or distance education
  1. If the program will have multiple versions (e.g., both on campus and at one or more distance sites), make a separate program listing for each version.
  2. Please contact UNC-GA's Academic Affairs Division when a certificate or licensure program (including particular versions of each program) is no longer offered, and notify your campus Office of Institutional Research.  No special form is needed.