Academic Staff

Senior Academic Officer & Staff

Junius J. Gonzales, M.D., M.B.A.
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs | 919-962-4614
Dr. Gonzales leads the development and implementation of the academic mission of the University of North Carolina. He advises the UNC President and the Board of Governors on academic issues. He works with the Chancellors and Chief Academic Officers of the seventeen constituent institutions in the implementation and assessment of University-wide initiatives in academic affairs.   


Academic Planning and Assessment

Vice President for Academic Programs, Faculty & Research | 919-962-2620
Dr. van Noort works with the UNC campuses to shape the future direction of academic programs across the University, and to provide leadership for special projects that represent innovative collaborations among institutions and with other constituencies. She is responsible for University-wide academic planning, the assessment of program and institutional performance and development, and implementation of competency-based approaches to curriculum development and assessment of student learning. Dr. van Noort has primary responsibility for identifying, creating and leading new strategies to make higher education more effective for students, adults, and other nontraditional learners; part of this work involves facilitating the advancement of teaching and learning by University faculty.

Courtney Thornton, Ed.D.
Associate Vice President for Academic Programs  | 919-962-2676
Dr. Thornton  is responsible for the interpretation and implementation of institutional policies and processes on academic program planning and approval.  She also advises and supports the Vice President on initiatives of strategic importance to the Office of Academic Programs and Instructional Strategy, including assessment of program development, effectiveness, and outcomes; program articulation and transfer; long-range academic planning; and others.

Associate Vice President for Academic Planning and State Authorization | 919-843-4538 
Dr. Gallimore oversees the licensure of non-public and out-of-state institutions seeking to offer post-secondary degree programs in North Carolina. This includes institutional site visits, recommendations for licensure, policy interpretations and changes, and overall guidance for consumer protection.
Director for Prior Learning Assessment and Military Credit  | 919-445-0492
Mr. Gross serves as the primary contact for all University of North Carolina constituent institutions regarding the establishment, implementation, and maintenance of a system-wide approach to the assessment and award of credit for prior learning, including military and other workplace training. He also co-chairs, with his North Carolina Community College (NCCC) counterpart, the Military Credit Advisory Committee, which exists to carry out the mandates of North Carolina Senate Bill 761. This bill requires the UNC and NCCC systems to facilitate the awarding and transferring of academic credit for military training and experience.
Director for Competency Based Education and Assessment | 919-966-3202
As the liaison for the system-wide General Education Council, Dr. Solér provides strategic assistance, communication, and program development toward a system-wide notion of education for student competencies.  Through this dual appointment, she aligns Academic Affairs assessment efforts with Office of Learning Technology and Innovation initiatives to shape opportunities for community building and joint programming for campus constituents.  She manages campus-based course redesign and other RFPs to improve student learning and competency measurement, shapes opportunities for the inaugural UNC Teaching Academy, and works across departments on other collaborative programming and assessment projects. 

Academic and Student Success

Karrie Dixon, Ph.D.
Vice President for Academic and Student Success | 919-843-5008
Dr. Dixon is responsible for leading UNC's Office of Academic and Student Affairs. She serves as the chief student affairs officer of the University, is the Principal Investigator for the North Carolina College Access Challenge Grant, is the liaison between General Administration and the seventeen constituent institutions on issues primarily related to university policies regarding financial aid, athletics, and student health, and is the primary education representative to the CFNC partnership.

Tracey Ford, Ed.D.
Assistant Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs | 919-962-4907
Dr. Ford oversees policy issues for student affairs, career services, disability services, campus safety and financial aid. She provides leadership for special projects that represent innovative collaborations among the 17 constituent institutions, the North Carolina Community College System, the independent colleges and universities in North Carolina, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, and with other constituencies. 

Autumn Carpenter
Director of Financial Operations and Technology  | 828-964-2285
Ms. Carpenter is responsible for providing functional, technical and compliance oriented services to the UNC Financial Aid Offices.  She also serves as Process Lead of Financial Aid and Student Accounts UNC Business Process Standards initiatives, implementing process improvements at UNC campuses.

CFNC Pathways Partnership  

Mark Wiles
Director | 336-256-0117
Mr. Wiles leads the CFNC Pathways Partnership team in carrying out six primary program areas: CFNC Technology and Internet Services, Publications, Educator Training, Contact Center (, Spanish Services, and Career and College Planning Curricula. He works closely with CFNC partners and educators statewide on initiatives to improve college access. He oversees all technology and internet efforts affiliated with College Foundation of North Carolina via Mr. Wiles is also instrumental in the outreach efforts of CFNC, including training, curriculum development, partnerships, operations and marketing.

Robin Greene
Senior Associate Director for Technology and Internet Services | 828-262-7819
Ms. Greene oversees the technical development, support, and training of the program serving all 110 colleges and universities in the state as well as the user community of students, parents, and secondary and postsecondary education professionals. 


Academic and University Programs

Alisa Chapman, Ed.D.
Vice President for Academic and University Programs | 919-843-8929
Dr. Chapman responds to K-16 education system initiatives, policy implementation, and legislation impacting teacher and school leader preparation and development throughout the University. 

Elizabeth Kolb Cunningham
Assistant Vice President for Academic and University Programs | 919-966-9523
Mrs. Cunningham assists in responding to K-16 education system initiatives and policy implementation  impacting teacher and school leader preparation and development throughout the University.

NC New Teacher Support Program

Bryan Zugelder Ed.D.
Director | 919.962.5417
Dr. Zugelder is responsible for the daily operations of the NC New Teacher Support Program and its team members. He works with the NC New Teacher Support university regions to provide induction support for beginning teachers in schools and districts across the state.

GEAR UP North Carolina   

Carol Cutler-White
Director, GEAR UP North Carolina | 919-237-7945
Ms. Cutler-White is responsible for the daily operations of the GEAR UP North Carolina grant, its office and team members. She advises the 16 school districts served through the state grant in the development of their annual GEAR UP budget requests and work plans. In addition, she monitors school district programming and expenditures to ensure all are in line with federal and state guidelines and regulations.


Academic Policy, Planning and Analysis

Associate Vice President for Academic Policy, Planning and Analysis | 919-962-2228
Ms. Henz identifies research opportunities and supports the policy, program, and budget development and evaluation process. She is responsible for coordinating the efforts of the unit and working with staff to complete a variety of research and reporting activities.  She participates in the development of the Academic Affairs Division's strategic and operational plan and works with UNC General Administration’s executive leadership, the Council of Chief Academic Officers, and is a member of various working groups.

Institutional Research

Associate Vice President for Institutional Research | 919-962-4554
Dr. Cohen-Vogel is responsible for coordinating the efforts of Institutional Research in collecting, editing, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data; leading Academic Affairs efforts to transition to a relational database and reporting environment; coordinating and integrating information gathered for use with other divisions at UNC GA; providing data and information to address ad hoc administrative issues; leading the Institutional Research staff; and communicating with the 17 campus Directors of Institutional Research and other data providers on data collection requirements.
Director of Data Management and Analysis | 919-962-4548
Ms. Bageant's primary responsibility is to provide leadership in the collection, documentation, maintenance, and use of the information databases kept by the Division. She is responsible for the design, integration, and management of all of the data files collected from the 17 constituent UNC campuses, NCCCS, NC State agencies, and Federal agencies and maintained by the division. 
Director of Institutional Reporting | 919-962-4552
Mr. Helton coordinates the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) web-based collections for the University of North Carolina institutions and serves as keyholder for the IPEDS surveys that UNC General Administration is required to complete. He works with the 17 UNC campus institutional research offices in collecting, editing, data-cleansing, and reporting of Student Data Files for applied, enrolled, and graduated students.


Vice President for Research | 919-962-4619
Dr. Brown promotes research and sponsored programs across the full spectrum of academic disciplines and interdisciplinary activities carried out by UNC’s 17 campuses. He helps advocate for increased levels of external support from federal, state and private sources and works closely with the senior vice president for Academic Affairs and campus research administrators to develop research and sponsored program activity to support the mission of each campus.


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