Federal Relations Staff

Federal Relations and Advocacy


Kimrey Rhinehardt

Vice President for Federal Relations | Phone: 919-843-0381

Ms. Rhinehardt is the primary liaison between the University of North Carolina and the federal government. Ms. Rhinehardt works closely with the congressional delegation and their staff to advocate for university priorities and is the principal point of contact for University partnerships with the United States Army Special Operations Command (USASOC), the Marine Corps Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) and other critical military partners.  Other duties include developing and implementing the Board of Governors' Federal Agenda, analyzing and influencing federal higher education policy, coordinating the federal government relations efforts for the 17-campuses of the University of North Carolina, and advising the President and Board of Governors on all federal and military issues.


Maggie Blnk

Federal Relations Relations Assistant | Phone: 919-537-3840

Ms. Blunk is responsible for communications related to the University of North Carolina’s federal public policy and political agenda, and military affairs, as well as divisional administration.


Leigh Whittaker

Federal Relations Assistant | Phone: 202-216-4365

Ms. Whittaker is based in Washington, D.C., and works closely with members of Congress, their staff, and federal agency administrators to promote the university’s federal agenda.


Military Education and Outreach

Kathie Sidner

Defense Applications Engineer | Phone: 919-962-6291

Ms. Sidner serves as a key facilitator to identify and connect UNC research capabilities, scientific talent and related expertise with defense community applied research and technology needs.  She works closely with UNC campuses, the US Army Research Office, USASOC and other military partners, and the defense industry, to help solve critical science and technology (S&T) challenges for special operations forces and other military partners. Ms. Sidner coordinates activities of the UNC Defense Applications Group, a multidisciplinary group of UNC subject matter experts, including workshops, projects and internships. She also works with faculty and staff at UNC campuses and General Administration to increase Department of Defense sponsored research across the UNC system. 



Ann Marie Beall

Director of Military Education | Phone: 910-264-0064

As Director of Military Education, Ms. Beall is responsible for system-wide leadership, management, and coordination for academic programs and support services specifically targeted to military affiliated students. Ms. Beall supervises the UNC system-wide presence at Fort Bragg, JFKSWCS Headquarters and future UNC military education expansion in North Carolina. She also oversees implementation of the UNC SERVES (Systemwide Evaluation and Recommendation for Veterans Education and Services) recommendations.




Ashley Adamovage

Military Academic Advisor (Camp Lejeune) | Phone: 910-451-9077

Ms. Adamovage is the Military Academic Advisor aboard Marine Corps Base Camp Lejeune in Jacksonville, NC. She is responsible for the promotion and marketing as well as the academic and admission advising for all of our campuses who do not have an on-base presence.