Academic Staff

Senior Academic Officer & Staff

Suzanne Ortega
Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs | 919-962-4614
Dr. Ortega leads the development and implementation of the academic mission of the University of North Carolina. She advises the UNC President and the Board of Governors on academic issues. She works with the Chancellors and Chief Academic Officers of the seventeen constituent institutions in the implementation and assessment of University-wide initiatives in academic affairs.   

Academic and Student Affairs

Dr. Karrie Dixon
Senior Associate Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs | 919-843-5008
Dr. Dixon is responsible for leading UNC's Office of Academic and Student Affairs. She serves as the chief student affairs officer of the University, is the Principal Investigator for the North Carolina College Access Challenge Grant, is the liaison between General Administration and the seventeen constituent institutions on issues primarily related to university policies regarding financial aid, athletics, and student health, and is the primary education representative to the CFNC partnership.

Dr. Tracey Ford
Assistant Vice President for Academic and Student Affairs | 919-962-4907
Dr. Ford oversees policy issues for student affairs, career services, disability services, campus safety and financial aid. She provides leadership for special projects that represent innovative collaborations among the 17 constituent institutions, the North Carolina Community College System, the independent colleges and universities in North Carolina, the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction, and with other constituencies. 

Christally Wright
Senior Finance Officer | 919-843-4962
Ms. Wright is responsible for financial management of all Federal grants and state funds awarded to Academic and Student Affairs.  She is responsible for the processing, recording, classifying, examining, monitoring and analysis of financial transactions, inclusive of personnel records, facilities management and purchasing.  She is directly engaged in the budgeting, cost accounting, and fiscal operation of grants/state funds and the application of organizational and Federal guidelines to ensure compliance.

Tenitia Philyaw-Rogers
Director of Transfer Articulation | 919-445-9683
Ms. Philyaw-Rogers serves as the primary contact for UNC's 16 constituent institutions on the Comprehensive Articulation Agreement (CAA) between the UNC system and the North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS).  She also provides support and leadership for all activities associated with the maintenance, development, review, implementation, and evaluation of the transfer articulation process and of all current /future UNC courses through the CAA and among UNC institutions.

CFNC Pathways Partnership   

Mark Wiles
Director, CFNC Pathways Partnership | 336-256-0117
Mr. Wiles leads the CFNC Pathways Partnership team in carrying out six primary program areas: CFNC Technology and Internet Services, Publications, Educator Training, Contact Center (, Spanish Services, and Career and College Planning Curricula. He works closely with CFNC partners and educators statewide on initiatives to improve college access. He oversees all technology and internet efforts affiliated with College Foundation of North Carolina via Mr. Wiles is also instrumental in the outreach efforts of CFNC, including training, curriculum development, partnerships, operations and marketing.

Robin Greene
Senior Associate Director for Technology & Internet Services, CFNC Pathways Partnership | 828-262-7819
Ms. Greene oversees the technical development, support, and training of the program serving all 110 colleges and universities in the state as well as the user community of students, parents, and secondary and postsecondary education professionals. 

GEAR UP North Carolina   

Carol Cutler-White
Director, GEAR UP North Carolina | 919-962-3355
Ms. Cutler-White is responsible for the daily operations of the GEAR UP North Carolina grant, its office and team members. She advises the 19 school districts served through the state grant in the development of their annual GEAR UP budget requests and work plans. In addition, she monitors school district programming and expenditures to ensure all are in line with federal and state guidelines and regulations.

Julia Fisher
Associate Director, GEAR UP North Carolina | 919-843-5875
Ms. Fisher is responsible for coordinating and implementing the annual statewide College Application Week program. She also works closely with colleges and universities across the state to develop enrichment programs for GEAR UP North Carolina students. Ms. Fisher also serves as editor of the GEAR UP North Carolina Quarterly Newsletter.

Donnelle Graham
Eastern Regional Director, GEAR UP North Carolina | 919-698-2755
Ms. Graham provides technical assistance for program design, development, implementation, and sustainability to participating eastern GEAR UP North Carolina school district administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, GEAR UP North Carolina coordinators, and business and community leaders. 

Michael Lane
Western Regional Director, GEAR UP North Carolina | 704-678-2738
Mr. Lane provides technical assistance for program design, development, implementation, and sustainability to participating western GEAR UP North Carolina school district administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, GEAR UP North Carolina coordinators, and business and community leaders. 

Academic and University Programs

Dr. Alisa Chapman
Vice President for Academic and University Programs | 919-843-8929
Dr. Chapman responds to K-16 education system initiatives, policy implementation, and legislation impacting teacher and school leader preparation and development throughout the University. 

Dr. Margaret O'Hara
Director of E-Learning | 919-962-3910
Dr. O'Hara provides system leadership and direction for an online outreach strategy for distance education programs.  She also provides strategic leadership to expand and establish the University's online presence as a preferred choice for postsecondary attainment of degrees, continuing education, and professional development.

Dr. Frank Prochaska
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs | 919-843-4538 
Dr. Prochaska oversees the licensure of non-public and out-of-state institutions seeking to offer post-secondary degree programs in North Carolina. This includes institutional site visits, recommendations for licensure, policy interpretations and changes, and overall guidance for consumer protection.

Institutional Research & Analysis

Kathryn Henz
Senior Director of Academic Policy & Funding Analyses | 919-962-2228
Ms. Henz identifies research opportunities and supports the policy, program, and budget process. She participates in the development of the Academic Affairs Division's strategic and operational plan and coordinates specialized data collection with other unit directors and with appropriate individuals on the campuses.

Michelle Blackwell
Director of Reverse Transfer Program | 919-445-0487
Ms. Blackwell serves as the program director for the joint grant funded project between University of North Carolina and North Carolina Community College System (NCCCS) entitled "Credit When It's Due".  This project is a collaborative effort between the UNC and the NCCCS to create a statewide reverse transfer process, a process that will minimize barriers to postsecondary education and maximize student success. 

Jeffrey Hill
Director of Space Utilization & Analysis | 919-962-4569
Mr. Hill coordinates the collection and publication of space inventory and utilization data for all 17 constituent institutions of the University of North Carolina, the 58 community colleges, and the participating private institutions in North Carolina. He also maintains the Facilities Condition Assessment Program (FCAP) database on which repair and renovation funding allocations are based. 

Dr. Daniel Cohen-Vogel
Senior Director of Institutional Research | 919-962-4554
Dr. Cohen-Vogel is responsible for coordinating the efforts of Institutional Research in collecting, editing, analyzing, interpreting, and presenting data; leading Academic Affairs efforts to transition to a relational database and reporting environment; coordinating and integrating information gathered for use with other divisions at UNC GA; providing data and information to address ad hoc administrative issues; leading the Institutional Research staff; and communicating with the 17 campus Directors of Institutional Research and other data providers on data collection requirements.

Laura Bageant
Director of Data Management and Analysis | 919-962-4548
Ms. Bageant's primary responsibility is to provide leadership in the collection, documentation, maintenance, and use of the information databases kept by the Division.  She is responsible for the design, integration, and management of all of the data files collected from the 17 constituent UNC campuses, NCCCS, NC State agencies, and Federal agencies and maintained by the division. 

Billy Helton
Director of Institutional Reporting | 919-962-4552
Mr. Helton coordinates the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) web-based collections for the University of North Carolina institutions and serves as keyholder for the IPEDS surveys that UNC General Administration is required to complete. He works with the 17 UNC campus institutional research offices in collecting, editing, data-cleansing, and reporting of Student Data Files for applied, enrolled, and graduated students.

International, Community, & Economic Engagement

Leslie Boney
Vice President for International, Community, and Economic Engagement | 919-843-7338
Mr. Boney coordinates university-wide efforts to internationalize campuses and affiliated organizations, to increase community service work, to collaborate with economic development organizations and businesses in strengthening the state’s economy and works with the University’s research and sponsored programs to bolster technology transfer efforts.

Research & Sponsored Programs

Dr. Chris Brown
Vice President for Research and Graduate Education | 919-962-4619 
Dr. Brown promotes research, sponsored programs, and graduate education across the full spectrum of academic disciplines and interdisciplinary activities carried out by UNC’s sixteen university campuses. He helps advocate for increased levels of external support from federal, state, and private sources and works closely with UNC General Administration staff and campus administration  to support a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship and to develop research and sponsored program agendas that are supportive of the mission of each. 

Sarah Smith
Director of Sponsored Programs | 919-962-4557
Ms. Smith provides UNC General Administration and constituent institutions with a range of pre- and post- award services for externally funded projects. Services include identification of potential funding sources, direction of the grant application process, support for adherence to a variety of compliance activities, and provision of training and support.

Dr. Courtney Thornton
Associate Vice President for Research and Graduate Education | 919-962-2676 
Dr. Thornton interprets and implements system policy related to the planning and approval of new graduate degree programs.  She manages responses to external requests for information on research funding and expertise that draw upon systemwide research administration tools and related business intelligence platforms.

Dr. Lisbeth Borbye
Director of the Professional Science Master's Program | 919-962-3542
Dr. Borbye leads the development, implementation and management of professional science Master’s education at UNC’s sixteen university campuses. She facilitates the inclusion of employer interaction and essential transferable skills into interdisciplinary, highly industry-responsive degree programs and invents central administrative e-tools, faculty training, and teaching methods in a number of disciplines relevant to successful engagement with the professional world outside the university.

Tisha Wallace
Director of Research Information Systems | 919-843-5100
Ms. Wallace directs implementation and usage of web-based sponsored research administration tools at UNC's sixteen universities. Supports development of responses to requests for information on UNC sponsored research and related data. 

Michael J. Todd
Executive Director | 704-250-5432 | North Carolina Research Campus
Mr. Todd serves as the Executive Director at the North Carolina Research Campus located in Kannapolis, N.C.   In this role, he coordinates diverse campus partners, plans strategically to identify and address critical campus priorities, and works to achieve outlined objectives by driving strategic plans forward.  Mr. Todd also provides management, budgeting and facilities leadership to support UNC Campus partners.